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KBCD offers high end custom cabinetry design and sales featuring made in the USA WoodMode.
All design and sales services are based off a "design retainer" meaning you will be charged for initial design and consolation enabling the customer to "shop" our designs, drawings and proposal to determine whether Designs by Jonathan / KBCD / Tradewind Designs are an appropriate fit for your needs & budget.  All design fees will be applied to contract thereafter.  Alternatively we are able to offer multiple custom fabricators for high end custom cabinetry or our Blueridge Custom cabinetry line should budget become a concern.

From the WoodMode site:

From the first cabinet built in a small Pennsylvania lumber mill in 1942 to custom kitchens completed in our state-of-the-art facility today, each and every Wood-Mode cabinet is proudly Made in the USA.

Seventy years of growth have not changed our approach to building cabinetry. The skill and dedication of the individual woodworker is still at the heart of Wood-Mode quality. Our staff family includes as many as three generations of highly skilled craftsmen working side by side. From the selection of the lumber to our celebrated finish, a majority of the cabinetry making process is still completed by hand.

While technology enables us to fulfill more dreams with consistently impeccable quality, even the automated portions of our construction process are overseen by experienced cabinetmakers. At each and every stage, from lumber selection and milling to finish and assembly, it is the knowledge of the American craftsman that makes Wood-Mode a leader in fine custom cabinetry.

In addition to our belief in the unmatched skill and dedication of the American craftsman, our commitment to building our local, state and national economy makes Wood-Mode proud to be Made in the USA. American workers are at the heart of our success — past, present and future.


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